The online store operating on the website is kept by:

PROQUAL Management Institute – B.T. Greber Sp.J. with its registered office at ul. Ostrowskiego 30, 53-238 Wrocław, registered under KRS no.0000293286 District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, VI Commercial Division of the National Court Register, NIP [taxpayer’s ID]: PL8971735808, REGON no. 020643389.



1. Placing and fulfilling orders

2. Product prices

3. Modifying orders

4. Forms of payment

5. Order lead time

6. Right to withdraw from agreement

7. Complaints

8. Personal data

9. Final provisions


Regulations – these regulations specifying principles of selling goods provided by the online store;

Store – the online store selling its goods via the Internet and operating on the website:;

Customer – any natural person, legal person or other entity without legal personality who makes purchases in the Store;

Cart – Store’s function which allows Customers to make purchases via the website;;

Working days – any day of the week from Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays;

Order processing time – period in which the Store picks the order and hands for shipping via a company selected by the Customer among the ones listed in the Regulations;

Order lead time – period in which the Store delivers the goods to the Customer;

File – electronic file, login data for online platform (as for pq-msa+ purchase), program or application.

On-line payment – payment made by the Customer with the use of forms of electronic payment available in the Store. The online payments are supported by przelewy 24;

Electronic device – the device intended to download and install Files.

  1. Placing and fulfilling orders
  1. The information on Store’s websites shall not constitute an offer under the civil code and shall be deemed an invitation to conclude an agreement. By placing the order via means available on Store’s websites, the Customer purchases a specific product on the terms stipulated in the product description and Regulations.2. The Customer who wishes to purchase other goods than Files may place orders in two ways:

1) via website 24 hours a day on all days of the week.

2) via e-mail – by sending an e-mail to  24 hours a day on all days of the week, by giving the following information in the aforesaid message:

– the product(s) ordered,

– quantity,

– data required to fulfill the order: first name, last name and/or company, NIP [taxpayer’s ID], address, product shipping method (for physical orders) and optionally phone number,

– means of payment.

  1. When placing an order via website, the Customer who wishes to purchase other goods than Files shall choose the product by clicking the icon „Add to cart”, and then select the delivery mode and means of payment in the Cart.

When placing orders via website, the Customer goes through the following stages:

1) selects products and quantity of these products;

2) selects form of delivery;

3) selects form of payment;

4) specifies delivery address and gives invoice data;

5) declares that it has familiarized itself with the Regulations and accepts them by marking a specific field in the cart: I ACCEPT STORE REGULATIONS;

6) enters a discount code if it is entitled to it;

7) confirms the order placement by clicking the icon: „Order with payment obligation”.

Ordering a product other than the File is tantamount to agreement to receiving an electronic VAT invoice and other sale-related documents (if any).

  1. The purchase of the Files is possible via the website of the Store only. The purchase of the Files is based on the following rules:
  • when purchasing the File, the Customer receives the link authorizing to download the File or receives the File directly on the e-mail address specified in the order. The Files must be installed on one’s own device and used depending on the license owned. With regard to purchase of pq-msa+, instead of download link or File delivery, the Customer receives login data for the website provided to the user;
  • the license referred to in the point 1 authorizes the customer to use the program via the specific number of devices (as stipulated in the order) and remains valid for the period specified for the product.
  • the license provides a free period of program update, depending on the program version purchased. The update periods are solely available for PQ-FMEA i PQ-FMEA+;
  • when ordering the File, the Customer goes through subsequent stages and:
  1. a) selects Files,
    b) fills in the form,
    c) selects the form of payment,
    d) completes relevant data required for proper settlement,
    e) enters a discount code if it is authorized to it,
    f) declares that it has familiarized itself with the Regulations and accepts them;
    g) confirms placement of the order by clicking the icon: „Order with payment obligation”;
  • Ordering the File is tantamount to agreement to the following:
    1. receiving an electronic VAT invoice,
    2. receiving other documents related to sale (if any) on the e-mail address entered in the order.
  • The Store provides Data/link to download the program or Login Data after customer’s payment has been deposited;
  • The Customer may download the File from the link any times it likes, yet this requires it to enter data every time.
  • As for purchasing pq-msa+, there are no limits for downloading because everything is available on the online platform which the user is given login data for.
  1. Every fulfilled order is accompanied by a sales document, yet:

1) with regard to the purchase of Files or login data (for pq-msa+), the electronic invoice will be provided to the Customer through e-mail specified in the order,
2) with regard to the purchase of goods other than Files, the electronic invoice will be provided to the Customer’s e-mail address specified by the Customer.

The Customer who purchases more than one product and wishes to receive separate invoices for particular products or with other Buyer’s data shall place separate orders for the products covered by particular invoices.

  1. The Store shall not be held responsible for late delivery of goods if the Customer entered wrong data or wrong delivery address or courier company had a delay.
  2. The Order will be fulfilled on condition that the Customer properly fills in the electronic form made available by the Seller on the website: www.sklep.proqual.pland that the Customer enters an e-mail address which allows confirming the acceptance of the Order. If the data are incomplete, the Seller will contact the Buyer. If it is impossible to establish a contact, the Seller shall have a right to cancel the Order.
  3. The Seller reserves a right to withdraw from fulfilling the Order if the Buyer fails to provide all required data or when correctness of the data is doubtful. The Order which cannot be confirmed within 10 days after placement may not be fulfilled.
  4. To use the store’s offer, the following are required:
  5. a) A computer with access to the Internet, Internet browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer;
  6. b) Active mailbox (e-mail address).
  7. About every questions Customer can send ask to customer service by sending an email to: or by call to office, phone: +48 71 355 18 08
  1. Product prices
  1. The prices of products sold in the Store are expressed by the product.2. All prices specified in the Store’s website:

– are expressed in Polish zlotys;
– do not include shipping costs.

  1. The binding and final price is the product price specified on the Store’s official website upon placement of the order by the Customer.
  2. Aside from payment of the price for the product other than the File, the Customer is obligated to cover costs related to delivery to the Customer’s premises.
  1. Modifying orders
  1. To modify the order, contact the Office, send an electronic message to the following e-mail address: sklep@proqual.pl2. Any changes to the order made by the Customer may be related to the following: number of products ordered, delivery address, invoice data, resignation from part or entire order.3. If the Customer resigns from part or entire order which has already been paid for but before it has been fulfilled, the reimbursement equivalent to of the price or products which the resignation applies to will be made immediately, and not later than within 14 days (fourteen) after the day on which the Store received the notification. The amount paid by the Customer, as referred to in the preceding sentence, will be reimbursed through the same form of payment used by the consumer, unless the Buyer has expressly agreed to a different form of return which does not entail any costs.
  1. Forms of payment

1.When placing an order, the Customer can choose one of three modes of payment:

  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Payment by Przelewy 24
  • Payment by card and interbank transfers using Firstdata
  • Payment with Dotpay (settlement of transactions by credit card and e-transfer is carried out via

During the payment, the Customer may use the rebate code received from the Store.

  1. Order lead time
  1. When ordering the product other than the File on the Store’s website, the product must be available. The availability shall be understood as time required to prepare the specific order by the Store and hand it for shipping. The time in which the Store will hand the product for shipping is not tantamount to time required to deliver it to the Customer via a specific form of delivery. The delivery time involves product availability + anticipated delivery period and must not exceed 30 days after concluding the agreement.

If the Store is late with the order fulfillment, the Customer shall have a right to establish additional time for order fulfillment, and in case of ineffective expiry of this time it may withdraw from the agreement.

  1. The goods other than Files covered by the order are delivered to the Customer’s address in accordance with the form of delivery it has chosen.
  1. The delivery cost depends on the form of delivery the customer selects.
  2. With regard to Files, the order lead time is 7 days after the payment has been deposited.
  1. Right to withdraw from agreement

The Buyer being a consumer (pursuant to the art. 221 para. 7 of the act dated 23 April 1964 Civil Code Journal of Laws of 1964 no. 16 item 93 as amended) has a right to withdraw from the agreement without giving a cause by filing a relevant statement in writing within 14 days (legal basis – act dated 30 May 2014 on consumer’s rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827)).

The statement must be unambiguous – may take a form of a letter send via traditional post or electronic mail to the,

This time runs from the day on which the Buyer took over the items. In the event of withdrawal from the agreement, the agreement shall be considered not concluded.

What the parties rendered shall be returned intact, unless the change was required to identify the nature, features and functions of the items. Otherwise the Buyer shall be held responsible for reduction of value of the items resulting from the use exceeding the intended use.

The return must not exceed 14 days,

Within 30 days from receipt the statement The Seller returns payment using the same form of payment the consumer has specified, unless the Buyer expressly agreed to other form of return which does not entail any costs.

7. Complaints 

  1. Every customer has the right to make a complaint regarding products delivered by the Store (provided software, publications, training aids).
  2. The complaint may be submitted via e-mail: or by mail to the following address: PROQUAL Management Institute, ul. Ostrowskiego 30, 53-238 Wrocław within 2 years from the date of delivery of the product (if it does not have a warranty card) or on the date indicated in the warranty card (complaint lodged on the basis of a guarantee). In the case of tangible products (publications, training aids), the Customer is obliged to send, together with the complaint, to the above-mentioned address, the product to which the complaint relates in a manner duly secured for transport time. The term of the software warranty is in line with Polish law.
  3. Complaints are not subject to:
    • Products whose guarantee period has passed (in the case of new products – 24 months, in the case of regenerated products – 12 months);
    • Mechanical damage;
    • Damage caused by the wear of parts by the use of the customer;
    • Damage to goods caused or likely to arise as a result of improper protection during transportation from the customer to the store.
  4. The complaint should contain:
    • Client’s name / first and last name of the applicant;
    • customer’s address;
    • a description of the subject of the complaint that allows it to be clearly identified (including order data, date of purchase);
    • justification of the complaint;
    • a proposal for redress.
  5. In the event of a justified complaint, the possible forms of remedy are:
    • granting a rebate (lowering the price of the completed product or lowering the price of products purchased next time in the form of a rebate code);
    • sending additional products or elements (missing item, spare parts);
    • sending a new product;
    • payment of contractual penalties, if they arise from the contract.
  6. The deadline for considering the complaint is 14 business days from the date of receipt of the complaint together with the product to which it relates. In the absence of information in the abovementioned the complaint is considered justified.
  7. If the complaint is rejected, the product complained about shall be returned to the Customer to the address from which the product was delivered to the Store.
  8. The course of the complaint process:
    • Receiving complaints from the customer along with the product it concerns.
    • The Training and Consultancy Specialist (caring for the Customer submitting complaints) confirms to the Customer that he receives the complaint and the product and informs the Managing Partner about its receipt.
    • The Training and Consultancy Specialist analyzes the subject of the complaint and makes the necessary explanations (including conducting a conversation with the Customer or in the case of delivery of material products, he contacts the Shop’s supplier).
    • The Training and Consultancy Specialist makes a decision with the Managing Partner as to the legitimacy of the complaint and the proposal for redress.
    • If the complaint is rejected, the Training and Consultancy Specialist informs the Customer about the rejection of the complaint and in the case of tangible products (publications, training aids) sends the product back to the Customer
    • The Training and Consultancy Specialist informs the Customer about the decisions taken.
    • In the event that the reason for the complaint was on the part of the Store’s supplier (including courier or the person responsible for delivery), the Managing Partner or a person appointed by him submits a complaint to the supplier.
    • The Managing Partner decides about undertaking corrective actions.



  1. Personal data

By placing the order, the Buyer gives its consent to placing its personal data in the Seller’s and Agent’s database and to processing them for the purposes of the agreement. Lack of such consent prevents the Seller from fulfilling the order. The Customer shall be held responsible in case of giving untrue personal data.

Processing Buyers’ personal data by the Seller or Agent is based on the act dated 29 August 1997 on personal data protection and act dated 18 July 2002 on rendering services by electronic means.

The personal data controller is PROQUAL Management Institute – B.T. Greber Sp.J. with its registered office at ul. Ostrowskiego 30, 53-238 Wrocław

The data are processed on the basis of the Resolution of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 dated 27 April 2016 on natural persons protection due to processing personal data and on free flow of such data and revocation of the directive 95/46/CE (general resolution on data protection). The data are processed due to fulfillment of the Order. Provided a separate consent is obtained, Buyer’s data may also be used for marketing own products and services as well as sending commercial information via electronic means. The Buyer shall have a right to access its data and rectify, delete, or limit processing them, right to transfer data, right to raise objection, right to withdraw consent to processing them at any time and without impact on compliance with the processing right based on the approval expressed before withdrawal.

The Buyer shall have a right to lodge complaint to the supervising body, i.e. President of the Personal Data Protection Office with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Stawki 2, when the customer decides that processing personal data violates regulations on personal data protection.

The Buyer’s personal data are not disclosed, sold or lent for use to third parties, except for the following cases:

  1. a) explicit approval of the person the data apply to;
  2. b) provision of data to authorized bodies in accordance with rules of law.

In certain situations the Seller has a right to disclose data if it is necessary to make a purchase. The Seller may disclose the data solely to two groups: authorized persons, i.e. employees and coworkers who need to have an access to these data in order to perform their duties, and processing entities who the Seller entrusts this task to.

  1. Final provisions
  1. The Seller may modify these Regulations. The Buyers may not be notified of these modifications. The orders placed by Buyers before the modified Regulations come into force shall be fulfilled in accordance with original Regulations.
  2. Any disputes arising from the use of these regulations and due to performance of the agreements by and between the Buyer and Seller shall be considered by the Court having its jurisdiction over the Seller’s head office in accordance with the law of Poland.
  3. To all matters not settled herein, the provisions of the act dated 30 May 2014 on consumers’ rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827), act dated 27 July 2002 on specific terms of consumer sale and amendments to the civil code (Journal of Laws 2002 no. 141 item 1176 as amended), act dated 23 April 1964 Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 1964 no. 16 item 93 as amended) shall apply.